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 Explore data to reveal your organization & employees’ potential.

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Centralisation of your data

The volumes of data to be collected and analyzed are considerable and come from multiple sources. That’s why we are combining them, allowing for a simplified treatment.

Modelisation of your data

Data can take very varied and heterogeneous forms (transactional data, web analytics, texts, images, etc.). We unify your data model.

Veracity of information

The veracity and reliability of the data is particularly threatened by the declarative behavior, the diversity of collection points, the multiplication of formats and the activity of the countless robots and false profiles operating that exist online.


In an infobesity context, we focus on data with real value, which are usable and useful to your organization.


Data Science

Peak People uses technology adapted to each situation and adapts to your digital maturity level and your data ethics policy. Data Science is the digital revolution of this century’s beginning. It is essential to master not only the technologies but also the concepts. To put it at the service of human resources, we combine Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding  Big Data and Machine Learning.

Data Visualisation

Data visualization is essential to understand and exploit the results obtained through data science. We offer interactive, relevant and readable dashboards. Whether you want to check your metrics in real time or consult your results, we offer you the best graphics to position you in relation to your objectives.

Cognitive Sciences

  • A scientific approach based on cognitive sciences;
  • Methodologies and tests approved by scientific experts;
  • The study of cognitive biases in order to detect them and take corrective actions;
  • Certified methodologies based on the latest scientific advances.

Security and legislation

  • Data encryption during transfers;
  • RGPD compliance;
  • Adaptability of the legislation in force;
  • Security audit;
  • Personalized identification for each employee.

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