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Our mission is to create innovative technology to support companies who wish to attract, retain and support talents,

by facilitating the synchronization of key milestones’s organizations (companies, products, markets, skills, processes) with those

of individuals (professions, career paths, training, skills, mobility, reorientation).

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Odair Vaz

Odair Vaz


Mathilde Riffort

Mathilde Riffort

Communication Officer

Ismaelle Haddouzi

Ismaelle Haddouzi


Emilie Tissot

Emilie Tissot

UI Designer

Clémence Poitras

Clémence Poitras

UX Designer

Peak People Values

Respect and caring

Respect for each person and each company in all their diversity and uniqueness is the foundation of our action, listening to our customers, understanding their values and culture, openness to others and enrichment through difference are our priorities, and we make our values a real lever for innovation.


The world is constantly changing, and so are the needs of our customers and partners. Anticipating, daring, opening the fields of action that usually seem so distant and creating new solutions: this is our signature! Our approach goes far beyond simple R&D: it must enable our customers and employees to open up and surpass themselves every day in order to offer ever more innovative solutions and services.

Results culture

Listening and open-mindedness are our absolute requirements. In particular through reinforced support in the implementation of our solutions. We are involved in their “value chain” and we set up, during each intervention, indicators to measure the effectiveness of the results. In this way, we develop a real cooperative relationship with our customers.

Accountability and transparency

Our responsibility is expressed through our commitment to our customers to provide them with the best technology, expertise and services. Respect for everyone’s privacy and respect for the law are two major pillars of our interventions. These commitments are a guarantee of our total transparency.

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