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Peak People analyses and aligns employees’ journeys with the development stage of the organisation,
its processes and its jobs for an optimized employee experience.
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« A strategic, decision-making and operational  tool. »

Maximising employees’ commitment

Get to know your employees to develop real skills paths and to reduce the departure of your best talents.

Improvement of individual and collective performances

Get to know your employees to manage their overall and individual performances, their continuing education and their commitment.

Optimisation of the employees & candidate's’ experience

Get to know your candidates and employees to improve your processes, for a better experience.

Promoting your employer brand

Spread relevant informations to your employees and candidates.

A solution for all

It optimizes everyone’s journey at every time with the company : 



HR Managers

HR Stakeholders




« Peak People will give you real-time access to the expectations, needs and perceptions of your entire team. »

Innovative Technology

Cognitive Science

An approach that considers the latest scientific advances and researches. Use effective methodologies that are certified and recognized within the scientific community.


Consider the human in its entirety: its personal and professional path, its skills, its potential, its values and its aspirations.

Data Sciences

Use and combine the right technology for each situation.


Reach your goals by mobilizing your governance, production, sales and forward-looking strategies. Set up key indicators at each stage of your progress.

We bring you a solution :


By enabling employees to contribute to their success and the success of their company by placing them at the heart of the organization.


We offer you the most appropriate recommendations for your organisation based on evidences to anticipate future behaviours and trends.


Because your organisation is unique, our platform takes into account the culture, the history, the values and the markets of the organization and all its actors.


Because we take into account the reality of your organization and its interpersonal connections in order to offer you solutions to help you in the development of your talents and your business.

«Learn to know your employees as well as your customers and your markets. »

For a global performance

Applicable to all sectors




New technologies / Telecom



Local authorities / Education

Health /Life Science / CareTech





Cosmetics / Chem

Tourism & Leisure

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